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If you’ve got real-world challenges, we’ve got insurance solutions.

Welcome to the official website of J.M. Miller, Inc.! We’re a unique insurance agency specializing in understanding problems and helping our clients solve them. In fact, that’s our goal: to provide you with insurance solutions.

As we all know, certain industries are considered “high-risk” by many in the insurance field. When an industry gets labeled “high-risk,” even if that label is unfair, it often means other insurance agencies and carriers don’t want to do business – or if they do, they charge high rates and focus on the “negatives.”

Many agencies and carriers have chosen to ignore industries such as commercial explosives (construction and mining) and oil & gas. Other companies may be hesitant to insure these industries because of lack of knowledge or experience.

At J.M. Miller, Inc., we don’t regard the blasting/explosives and oil & gas industries with nervousness or uncertainty; instead, we’ve made them our most valuable clients! By taking the time to understand the unique needs and strengths of these industries, we’re providing them with excellent solutions to their most important areas of concern.


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