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Oil & Gas: Changing Perceptions, Finding Solutions

The oil & gas industry faces many challenges in today’s economic climate. One is the lingering perception that the industry is “high-risk,” which eliminates many traditional insurance companies from providing coverage.

Those familiar with this industry know that in fact, most companies have a good safety record. The oil & gas industry decision-makers are also learning there is strength in numbers, especially when it comes to their workers compensation coverage. J.M. Miller, Inc. is now providing a customized workers compensation insurance strategy that will be of enormous benefit to the oil & gas industry in its search for a cost-effective insurance solution.

As always, you can trust us to work with a wide range of reputable carriers, and to use our longstanding relationships with them to help our clients get the best value possible.

For more information about our strategies for the oil & gas industry, email or call us today. Please check back soon for industry links that will provide you with more information about our workers compensation and other insurance solutions.


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